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Are you looking for a gift to give to your special someone?


Or maybe you're just looking for a way to remind yourself how BEAUTIFUL you are!


Boudoir photoshoots are a great way for clients to embrace their bodies in bold and beautiful ways! 

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Boudoir is all about encouraging women to feel confident in who they are and celebrate their bodies.

Boudoir is a great way to empower women by mixing intimacy and loving themselves for who they are. It is never too late to celebrate the gorgeous woman you are with a boudoir session!

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Katy Reddell Boudoir is conveniently located in the heart of Austin.

But boudoir sessions can take place on location throughout the Lonestar State!

If a boudoir photoshoot is on your to-do list, or even just something you’re considering, we would love to make it happen!


Feeling confident in your skin never goes out of style.

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