We know that when it comes to weddings, the questions are endless. If your question isn’t answered here, please reach out to us! The Katy Reddell Beauty team is more than prepared to answer any questions and will gladly walk you through our appointment process. Wedding planning can be stressful, and we want to help in any way we can to make things run as smoothly as possible! Here, we’ve posted the most common questions we get about our appointments and wedding makeup looks and hairstyles.


Q: What is my travel fee?

A: It's typically a starting rate of $30 within the Austin city limits. In order for us to give you an exact quote, please send us the location you and your party plan on getting ready at! 


Q: How many people can you accommodate? 

A: We can accommodate 15-20 people for hair and makeup services, depending on how much time we have to work with as well as how many of my talented team members are available! 


Q: How do I book and secure my date? 

A: We book up to a year out. If your wedding is more than a year away, please check back in at that one-year mark! We book on a first come, first serve basis and require a signed e-contract as well as a deposit of 50% of the entire service total stated on the contract. Once we have these two things taken care of, your date is booked! (P.S. This deposit is non-refundable in the event of a date change or cancellation!) 


Q: What types of payment do we accept? 

A: Venmo is our preferred method, but we will gladly accept checks, cash, or credit card payments (a 3% processing fee will be added to all card payments). 


Q: Can my family and/or bridal party make separate payments? 

A: No. It is much easier for us to process one payment, so please have everyone pay the person who is handling the payment for booking. 


Q: Is gratuity included in your prices? 

A: It's not included or required, but always greatly appreciated! 


Q: How do trial runs work? 

A: Trials are a great way to get an idea of exactly what you'll want to look like on your special day! The trial appointment consists of a thorough consultation, and typically lasts between 1.5-2 hours. We recommending scheduling your trial appointment at least 6 weeks prior to your wedding date. (We can't always guarantee that trials will align with your bridal or engagement photos, but we will do our best to be accommodating!) You'll then meet with your lead artist (most of the time Katy) at a salon location in north Austin for your appointment. 


Q: What all do I need to know before my trial? 

A: We ask that you come prepared with clean, 100% dry hair & a makeup-free, moisturized face. Please ask us upon booking if you'll be coming in with clip-in extensions, so we are able to play with and design the hairstyle you have in mind for your wedding day! If you plan on having any facial waxing, spray tanning, etc. before your wedding day, it's a great idea to come in with these things done prior to your trial as well! Makeup always looks the most flawless on well pampered, hydrated skin. This is a good excuse to use the weeks leading up to your wedding and trial to really take care of your beautiful face! While it’s not absolutely necessary, it's always fun to bring the accessories you plan on wearing on your wedding day if you have them (earrings, veil, etc.) as well! Please bring no more than two people as Sabia isn't large enough to accommodate larger groups. Additional trial appointments are $175 if you decide later on that you'd like to experiment with other looks. 


Q: What do I need to know before my wedding day? 

A: We will provide the exact hair and makeup schedule 2-4 weeks prior to your event. Please have your bridal party/family come with clean, dry hair and a makeup-free face. We also suggest that they please apply their normal moisturizer (if they use one) at least an hour prior to their makeup appointment. It’s also important that they have their "inspiration photos" or ideas of the look they want in mind and ready to go at their appointment time. Please let us know if we will be applying anyone’s clip in extensions as this can take up a little more time! 


Q: How long does each hair and makeup appointment take? 

A: We work well over 80 weddings per year therefore have become naturally precise and efficient! We typically allow 30 minutes per service. Some appointments take 20 and some closer to 40, but it almost always averages out to be 30 minutes per service. We always allow extra time with the bride to make sure she is completely satisfied with her final look! 


Q: How many artists will I need? 

A: It really just depends on the amount of time we have to work with as well as the number of services we'll be providing. We will discuss this in detail when drawing up your contract! 


Q: What will my artist(s) need on my wedding day? 

A: Adequate table space, short chairs/stools, outlets, and we love natural light! We have backup light if necessary, and we always bring taller makeup chairs. 


Q: I don't normally wear makeup on a daily basis. Will I look overdone? 

A. Not if you don't want to! We specialize in very natural makeup as well as creating full glam looks. As skilled professionals, we can do it all! Our specialized approach is to start light and to gradually build up the look to an application that makes you feel the most beautiful. If a more natural look is for you, we will gladly make that happen!


Q: Is airbrush makeup good for my skin type? 

YES! The type of airbrush makeup we use is designed for all skin types! Coverage wise, airbrush makeup can be used for any look: sheer, medium, or full-coverage. We recommend it because it never feels heavy or "cakey.” Even our clients who have had a bad airbrushing experience in the past fall in love with this perfect, 15+ hour wearing foundation! Plus, it's hypoallergenic and doesn't irritate even the most sensitive skin types.


Q: Do you provide false lashes? 

A: Of course! Every package comes with the option of false lashes that are trimmed and tailored to your eye shape. We have up to 5 different options, so you can be sure that we'll have the perfect style for you!