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With over 200 clocked hours in makeup training from the Makeup Designory School in Austin and 1,500 hours in cosmetology school, Katy has dedicated her life to the profession that she absolutely loves. Her passion for beauty and all things wedding related started in high school. When most kids were working in retail or the food industry, Katy spent her time working as a bridal consultant. From there, her love for making brides feel their absolute best on their special day only grew. Her industry experience ranges from tattoo coverage and lash applications, to specializing in wedding and event hair and makeup. Satisfaction is Katy’s top priority when it comes to her brides! Each look is customized to fit the bride and her party perfectly, enhancing their natural beauty. 


Katy doesn’t always work alone. She and her team love to work with bigger bridal parties, bringing all of their strengths and talents together to help create the most perfect wedding day. Organization is key when it comes to larger parties, and the team takes that to heart. To Katy, having a team is everything. It enables her to share her skill set with each member, allowing them to learn and have fun doing so in the process!


Being present at most bookings is always Katy’s goal, but if she can’t, clients are more than welcome to book with her team when she’s not available. Each member is beyond talented and is sure to bring any bride’s vision of the perfect hairstyle or look to life. 


Makeup and hair aren’t the only things Katy is passionate about. Beauty shoots and boudoir sessions for that special someone are just a few other services Katy loves to provide for her clients. Feeling confident and beautiful in your skin is very important to her, and she offers these photoshoots as a way for women to express that! When Katy doesn’t have a camera in hand or is busy beautifying brides for their special day, she gets to work behind the chair and glam up her extension and color clients. 


Even though Katy has devoted her life to the beauty and wedding industry, she still finds time to lounge on the couch with her cats and explore the great outdoors of Texas. Her passion for photography takes her all over, attempting to capture the beautiful sights before her. She also enjoys chasing sunsets and enjoying fine wine with family and friends.